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anonym. solidarisch. sicher.  |  anonymous. solidary. safe. 


We want to help. Helping people to stay home. Help that the curve of infections flattens. Help that our loved ones, friends, colleagues and every person, we have met on the street in the past, survives the pandemic.

That is why it is important to us to trace the chains of infection anonymously, so that we can warn and alert the contact person of an infected person.


As part of the hackathon #wirvsvirus (2020), therefore we have developed a solution to help contain the disease COVID-19.

#flattenthecurve     #riskgroups     #stayhome

Our app collects contacts of the last 14 days locally, anonymously and in accordance with data protection laws and keeps them in case you need to reconstruct chains of infection. 

We built everything from scratch and open source. If you like to know more, look here for details

Our App is now available as a beta version for android and iOS

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